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Climbing has become a medium. Much like an artist, climbers explore and expand in every way possible. Obsessing over the smallest details, the most minute variables, all to find out. To find out what? Sequence. Position. Expression. Often directing the sequence of success, but mostly navigating failure.

For me climbing has constantly evolved. My intentions, goals and future ambitions. I grew up climbing in Chattanooga T.N and was surrounded by some of my closest mentors to this day. It's where I learned to train, project, develop and give back. Shaping a lot of the foundations I still hold today. Thank you TBA (Tennessee Bouldering Authority). The atmosphere of this gym not only complimented the outdoor climbing, but also provided an environment that mentally and physically pushed me. The music, the people, passion and raw talent was overwhelming. Making me just as curious about the culture than the sport.


I was never fulfilled with solely climbing. I grew up sharing the same appreciation for climbing as I did with design, art and skateboarding. Together these have heavily saturated my direction. What I have realized is my underlying emphasis on external influence.

I was searching for a ground to tell my perspective.

So I started. I started documenting in ways that felt true to me. Focusing on attitude, energy and passion. “Confluence” was my first attempt of telling this story - SOHI Studios.

Skateboarding has heavily directed my ethos and style around how I tell stories and bringing that energy to climbing has been a true motive. Virgil Abloh once said “everything below requires reading” I could not find those words to be more true. There is a baseline of “research” needed to understand culture. That takes time. For me it takes meeting with people who I pull inspiration from regardless of focus. Regardless of medium.

I believe there is a strong meeting point between them all. I think that’s what has motivated me more than anything. Finding a ground that pulls and gives.