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At Bound, we reckon it’s what’s inside that counts. Or what’s underneath, depending on 
how you look at it. That idea got us thinking, how can we get people on board with a deeper, long-term message, while solving an immediate, practical problem? We decided to take that old adage literally and fix what for many of us guys, is a literal pain in the ass.

We’re talking about men’s underwear. Jocks. Briefs. Whatever your choice, too often, they just aren’t doing the job.

In the end, it all comes down to what’s inside. And no amount of designer labels, fancy patterns, or insistence from your significant other that they look great can fix that feeling you get when something just doesn’t fit.

So, we went back to the drawing board and in true BOUND form, started with a few 
foundational principles. Namely, that we weren’t going to make any sacrifices. Too often function loses out to form, or form to function. In underwear, it’s essential you have both.

We needed a material that didn’t just last, or look great, but felt amazing, functioned perfectly and treated the environment just as good as the wearer. No easy feat, but we found it in Lyocell.

So what makes this eco-friendly fiber so damn perfect? Aside from feeling the quality for yourself, check out this intro to our favourite fabric below.


What is it?

Lyocell is a natural, man-made material derived from wood cellulose fibre. Using an advanced solvent spinning process, wood pulp is dissolved in amine oxide solution, with the filaments then washed and dried. There are countless advantages to the process, including less processing stages (better on the environment) and the achievement of fibre properties impossible to attain with classic production processes. Today Lyocell comes in many forms, including a popular version made by Lenzing AG from eucalyptus trees, called Tencel Lyocell.

Most people believe there are two types of fibers, naturals like wool, hemp and synthetics like polyester and nylon. Technically, Lyocell fibres fall somewhere between the two, as a recovered or regenerated fibre. Essentially, you’re getting the best of both worlds; the durability and function of synthetic fibres with the eco-friendly, comfort of naturals. A true win-win.

The cost in production of Lyocell and high-quality of the fibre means a higher price point, making Lyocell a premium fabric compared to something like cotton, which while considered the gold-standard in underwear due to its lower cost and relative quality, pales in comparison.

What are the benefits?

As we said, we knew underwear could be doing a lot more than just looking or feeling good. This is where Lyocell really shines. Today Lyocell is used in countless garments, from dress shirts to socks, tights, leggings, pants and underwear like ours for the benefits listed below:


Lyocell fibers are smooth, elastic and very resistant to wrinkles. This is where the benefits of the synthetic/natural hybrid really start to show. Where cotton shrinks and shrivels, and naturals like bamboo are delicate, prone to tearing and damage, Lyocell is made to last.


When it comes to undies, comfort is king. Sure they have to look good, but for the majority of your day, the only person seeing them and knowing they’re there is you. Lyocell has an incredibly smooth, soft surface, draping beautifully.

The fibrillation of the Lyocell fibers is used to produce a soft, breathable, lightweight fabric touch called ‘peach skin effect’. We use 95% Lyocell, with 5% elastane fibers for ultimate comfort and effortless movement. Put simply, you won’t want to take them off.

Anti-Bacterial & Moisture Absorbent

In traditional underwear, both natural and synthetic, breathability and moisture can be an issue. This means bacterial build up, itch, discomfort and all the nasty things that come with it. Lyocell fabric has a unique moisture-management property due to its absorbency and breathability making it perfect for anyone with sweating issues and for staying fresh, comfortable and confident.


Lyocell’s wicking abilities keep your skin dry while the fiber feels silky smooth and natural against the skin. This makes Lyocell the perfect fabric for those with sensitive skin, prone to irritation.


At the end of the day, you’re looking to get shit done. Whether you’re sitting at a desk or on a sports field, you need to be able to move comfortably, confidently, without restrictions. Lyocell’s controllable fibrillation means it can be arranged in different ways, with varying levels of smoothness. Our design has focused on ultimate comfort and flexibility to keep you active and at ease all day.


If that wasn’t enough to feel good about, Lyocell’s great on the planet too. Biodegradable and sourced naturally from tree farms, grown without irrigation or pesticides. The production is incredibly short compared to other fibers, taking just 2-3 hours from chopping the wood down as raw material, to the carding, meaning it conserves energy and uses far less resources. It is also a closed-loop production process of sustainable textiles, with over 99% of the solvents recycled.



Any Downsides?

As with any premium material, Lyocell is on the expensive side. Fortunately though, you get what you pay for and Lyocell-based products are a worthy investment if you’re looking to get more life out of your jocks.

Other than that, low surface energy makes the dying process more difficult than it has to fortunately, we take care of that, so all you need to worry about is looking and feeling your best.


If you still aren’t convinced, the only thing left to do is try some for yourself. Check out the options here or shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to explain more about the product and process.