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bound zayyar2

We can spend it, we can save it, we can waste it, or we can use it wisely. Time is a concept many of us try to understand and utilise, but the truth is we likely take it for granted until it's too late. As we move from the past into the present and onto the future, what we do with our time can define who we are, our happiness and our lifespan. For me the perception of time has changed greatly as I have reached my later 20’s. I am much more conscious of how much I have and how I want to spend it.

Personal choices I’ve made with my time are at the direct benefit of not just my present self but also my future self. The majority of my time is spent on two areas. Firstly, running my business as I work diligently to build the lifestyle I want. Secondly, I spend time with my partner and family as I am forever grateful to have them in my life. These areas give me a sense of purpose and happiness which allows me to better understand myself.

I also choose to save my time where I can. This has led to me being sober for a number of years. From my past experiences in my early 20’s alcohol has only led to money being wasted but most importantly, time. Now sober, I’m able to wake up earlier on Saturdays and Sundays without a hangover. I am able to enjoy my nights out with self-control and overall I feel healthier and likely will be in the long run. Conscious decisions now can benefit your present and your future.

With only 24 hours in a day, and 7-8 of those are spent sleeping, it's important we satisfy what our body and mind requires. I believe that we need to do something for our brain, something for our body, and something for our soul everyday. For our brain this could entail reading a book, doing a puzzle on your phone, or even keeping up with current affairs. Our body needs to be moved so we should get up and go for a walk, get to the gym, or cycle a route. Finally, to fulfil the needs of your soul, you should spend time calling your parents or family, cook a homemade meal, or even spend time with your partner. Completing these utilises our time wisely by acknowledging what we should be grateful for - a healthy mind, body and soul, and that we’re extremely lucky to be here.


bound zayyar