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If you trust running, running will trust you, by Logan Buchanan.


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1.firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
"relations have to be built on trust"


I don’t always believe what I read on the internet. However, It’s a good place to start learning and engaging with inputs from a global stance. The definition above is sourced from the Oxford Dictionary. So relatively reliable we could agree…

When we harness this word as if it’s a start line we can learn, explore and form deeper meanings with it.
Reform it, mold it, apply it and try it in a new context.

Reflect on the past, and implement benefits into the future.

Challenge it & respect it.

Put it in a song, paint it on a wall.

This theory of playing with a word is a likeness to running for me.

When I picked it up, I didn’t know diddly squat.

It felt horrible; the first one after smoking ciggies for 6 years. Drinking beers, I could have forgiven myself for trying.
Second one, it peeked into something worth becoming consistent with but still sore.

Third one, Euphoric.

Just like this word trust as above. With running, we can explore it. Things have been written about it and will continue to be written about it.

Similar to a race, people have raced before you, and will race past you.

Where i’m at with running at the moment. I trust it. I can’t see myself not.

I can’t even remember how I survived without it.

I trust it due to the obvious benefits you can google. I trust it because pre internet, pre beer, pre ciggies, pre-shoes, pre drive thru or supermarket.

Our type, once lived in caves. Regardless of politics, beyond the invention of vehicles. Us flintstone motherfuckers. Had to move our bodies.

Now we have a lot flying through cables, skies and our minds. I initially referred to running as basic survival. In a world that wants us to stay put.

On the couch
In a car
At a desk
In bed

I still keep this idea close to home, however running lead me into mindfulness, meditation, my first yoga class, self empowerment and new perspectives. A new style, and direction of my life.

I can build capability in my work life through running.
Meet new faces and create deeper relationships with familiar faces.
Meaningful moments on the track and bring that into my workplace.

Now, if we harness ‘running’ as a start line for building confidence in oneself.
There is no finish line, It’s bound to take you down roads only you would know if you tested it. Streets of life only you can explore if you want too.

And the start line is always here and now.
Trust me.