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"What is one personal daily ritual that you try to practice?" 

Journalling via my Moleskine on a near daily basis. Something I've been doing for over 10 years.

I check in with myself, writing a page titled THOUGHTS. Writing anything that comes to me, exploring prevalent thoughts both positive and negative.

If a certain topic needs further unpacking I might write an additional page on that topic.

However I then move into a structured approach writing about gratitude, things that make me happy, things that excite me and limiting beliefs. Something like this.

- 3-5 things I'm grateful for
- 3-5 things that make me happy
- 1-2 things I'm excited for
- 1 limiting belief I can flip into a positive thought

Then every other day I'll flip back to the goals section of my journal making sure they're still top of mind.


"Have you found the process of journaling one that you do at the start of the day or more towards the end?" 

To be honest it's typically mid-morning with a cup of coffee once the day's urgencies have been seen to.


"Has journaling contributed to your overall well-being and state of mind?"

Short answer yes, massively.

It builds self-awareness and in my opinion self-awareness is the precursor to guiding your life in a direction of your choosing.

It's also allowed me to develop an understanding of my value system and with that knowledge, I can do my best to ensure I'm as happy and fulfilled as possible.